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The competition is finished. We have the winner!

Triple Helical Peptides Ltd Collagen Ligands Competition 2023

Calling all Graduate Students and Early Career Researchers:

"Do you have a collagen-related research project you'd like to showcase?
Would you like the opportunity to win £10,000 worth of the Collagen Ligands Collection to map the binding of your protein onto collagens II and III to elevate your research above the crowd?"

The Collagen Ligands Competition is your opportunity to submit a short innovative research plan and in return receive:
- An article and feature bio on the Triple Helical Peptides (THP) website,
- £10,000-worth of Collagen Ligand plates for collagens II and III,
- Expertise from the scientists at THP who designed and created the Ligands.

Collagens are fundamental components of the extracellular matrix, and are highly interactive, with many partners within the ECM and several sets of receptors on the cell surface.

Our new company, Triple Helical Peptides Ltd, makes ligands for these various proteins, and to celebrate our launch, we are offering free access through this competition to our Collagen Ligands Collection.

These are synthetic peptides that were formerly distributed to the field as the Collagen Toolkits; libraries of overlapping triple-helical peptides, each containing 27 residues of collagen primary sequence. They come in 96-well plate format and comprise a comprehensive yet technically straightforward tool for mapping the binding of proteins onto collagens II or III.

Our objectives are to discover new collagen-binding molecules, to map binding sites of known collagen-binding proteins within the fibrillar collagens, and to establish collaborative links with academic partners. We are inviting Graduate Students and Early Career Researchers* to submit short collaborative projects that will make best use of our materials. The most exciting project outline will be rewarded with four copies of each Ligand library; each plate containing a complete Ligand set for either collagen II or III.

The deadline to submit a collaborative proposal was 29th December, 2023.

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